A Pale Horse Rides

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Begins Friday, October 27, 2017

Christianity is at a crossroads. People are leaving the church at alarming rates—and some even believe that this is the end of the church in our nation. Across the country, people have an uneasy feeling that something is wrong with organized religion today. Are their fears justified? Did something go wrong at the dawn of Christianity? Yes, and the Bible predicted that it would happen. Join us for A Pale Horse Rides to hear the untold stories from the 1,200 years that paved the way for Martin Luther’s Reformation. Watch as biblical prophecy unfolds at the birth of the church and today, and discover the history that may be the best chance for the Church’s future.

Your Speakers

Shawn Boonstra is the speaker for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry. His clear grasp of Scripture and keen understanding of current events will give you peace of mind in a troubled world, and his warm, dynamic presentations will inspire you. Shawn has shared the gospel on six continents to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last two decades. Pastor Boonstra will be presenting his portion of each session by video.
Ron Hoffecker has been a missionary, teacher and pastor for more than 30 years. He has spoken to audiences in such diverse places as Korea, El Salvador, Moldova, and across the US from California to Florida. He is excited about helping people understand prophecy and be ready when Jesus returns.

What People are Saying…

“The presentations were excellent. Pastor Boonstra presented the story in an interesting and informative way. This has given me a deeper appreciation for history, and its impact on future events.” —Patrick
A Pale Horse Rides was a big eye-opener for me! I had never heard the stories of these barbarian believers, and their faith was so inspiring!.” —Sara
“It made me more aware of how the early church struggled in those days. And it made me even more grateful for the religious freedoms we experience in this country today.” —Richard

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